Drug experts say alcohol worse than crack or heroin

Content Drug and Alcohol Use — General Alcohol Is More Easily Accessible Than Most Other Drugs. Try A Digital Support Group People who use both alcohol and drugs also are at risk for dangerous interactions between these substances. For example, a person who uses alcohol with benzodiazepines, whether these drugs are prescribed or taken illegally, […]

Alcohol Poisoning: Symptoms, Causes, Complications, and Treatment

Content When should you seek medical attention? What BAC Is Alcohol Poisoning? How is alcohol poisoning treated in the hospital? Why it’s important to be careful with button batteries Alcohol Overdose and the Bacchus Maneuver As Blood Alcohol Concentration Increases—So Do the Risks Wellness Health Awareness and Education For most, this involves close and careful […]

Can You Mix Buspar Buspirone & Alcohol?

The patient tolerated the medication well without any recurrence of bruising. The patient was followed up in the clinic for around six months while on buspirone before being discharged to her family doctor. During this time, the patient’s anxiety symptoms and alcohol abuse remained in remission. We also offer a range of online mental health […]